bankster con game

In 1971 Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon destroyed the value of paper currency in the USA by taking us off the gold standard, so that the paper currency is not backed by anything of real value. Paper FRN’s are not worth the paper they are printed on. They can not be redeemed for gold and silver payable to the bearer on demand like the Constitution dictates. In other words paper currency is a CON-fidence currency. It relies on the confidence of the people using it, and the world is rapidly losing their confidence in the US FRN. The bankster con game is almost over. Every time in history that the real value has been stripped from currency, that currency has gone into hyper inflation in a matter of a few months to a few years. That is starting to happen right now with the FRN funny money. The FRN is losing value compared to Silver and Gold, and also compared to virtually every other fiat currency in the world. In the seventies after Nixon’s move, the value of silver gradually rose to 50 FRN’s per ounce, and gold went to an all time high of 850 FRN’s. Right now today gold is over 1400 FRN’s but silver will be making far better gains than gold because it is an INDUSTRIAL precious metal and is being used up rapidly in the production of every electronic device being built. Silver could be hundreds of FRN’s per ounce in a few months. Don’t wait until the price is so high you can’t afford to get some. Get going with Silver Snowball right now. Call me for the details on how you can get silver coming to your mailbox for pennies or free.